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Mediterranean Spinach Quesadilla

Jack cheese, feta cheese, zaater spice, spinach, toastedpinenuts and basil-walnut sauce.

with chicken add 3.50

$ 10.95
Hummus with Pita

Garbanzo beans puree with Tahini, garlic and lemon juice.

$ 6.95
Baba Ganouj with Pita

Baked eggplant puree with garlic, lemon juice, parsley, Tahini and plain yogurt.

$ 6.95

Fine parsley salad with bulgar, tomato, cucumber, green and red onions, lemonjuice and olive oil.

$ 6.95
Beet Delite with Pita

Beet puree with garlic, Tahini, yogurt, walnuts and lemon juice.

$ 6.95

Six grape-leaf rolls stuffed with rice, herbs and spices.

$ 4.95
Dinner Salad
$ 6.00
Home made Soup
$ 6.75
Brown Rice
$ 4.75
Veg. Black BeanChili
$ 4.50
Potatoe Fries
$ 4.74
Falafel Patties, each
$ 1.00
Fruit Salad
$ 6.95



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Fantastic place!
found it here on yelp a few days before we made our trip to Sonoma.
After a long day wine tasting, this place hit the spot!
We had the sampler platter, which was enough for the two of us, baba ganoush is everything I've always wanted! Beet spread stuff didn't really taste like much, but it was pretty. Hummus is super yummy!
but we also ordered the spinach quesadilla, which was really tasty as well! lots of fresh greens, yummy cheese, and some sauce that was oh so yum yum yum.

Price was right, if you are veggie and in Santa Rosa, this is a must stop.

Adrian M. - San Francisco, CA

Santa Rosa Vegetarian Restaurant