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Chicken & Seafood Menu

Chicken Terriyaki

Sliced marinated chicken tenders grilled and smothered with our aromatic teriyaki sauce, sautéed with green and red peppers, onion andwater chestnuts, topped with sesame seeds. Served with brown rice and choice of salad or steamed vegetables.

$ 13.95
Chicken Shish-Kabob (after 5pm)

Marinated chicken grilled shish-kabob style with onion, tomato and bell pepper. Served over a bed of brown rice with tabbouleh,eggplant dip, hummus, beet delite, steamed vegetables and organic pita. Served after 5pm.

$ 14.95
Gourmet Chicken Burrito

Organic whole wheat chapati filled with marinated chicken tenders, hummus, black bean chili, brown rice, steamed vegetables, shreddedcarrots, cheese and salsa.

$ 12.75
Chicken Shawarma

Sliced -marinated breast of chicken, seasoned in exotic Middle Eastern spices, grilled with tomato, onion and tahini sauce. Served inhummus-spread pita bread and salad

$ 12.95
Chicken tostada

Crisp whole wheat organic chapati topped with hummus, brown rice, vegetarian oil-free chili beans, shredded cabbage, shredded carrots,shredded beets, lettuce, avocado, orange spice sauce and marinated chicken breast or tofu

$ 13.75
The Sea Skewer (after 5pm)

Marinated salmon and mahi mahi, prepared shish-kabob style and grilled to perfection. Served over a bed of brown rice with grilledpineapple, hummus, tabbouleh and organic pita with choice of steamed vegetables or salad.

$ 19.50
Salmon Dinner (after 5pm)

Pan seared marinated fillet of salmon served with brown rice, hummus, tabbouleh and organic pita with choice of grilled vegetables orsalad.

$ 19.50
Shrimp Fajita

Marinated shrimp, prepared fajita style with sauteed onion, garlic, green and red bell peppers and salsa in a whole wheat hummus-spread chapati. Served with brown rice and salad.

$ 15.95



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Vegetarian Restaurants


I think there's an arc across the Valley of the Moon from Santa Rosa to Napa. The entire length of this arc is populated with good places to eat. East-West is probably not on the radar of most tourists but locals know about it.

This place makes vegetarian seem less of a fringe choice. They've got tons of choices that are great and have no animal parts. I had some outstanding Red Lentil Soup on my last visit. It was a soup I wouldn't have been likely to try somewhere else. Great sandwiches here! Good breakfast food! Very consistent high quality in service and food.

I thanked the kitchen staff on a recent visit. The servers have been consistently great. They tolerate changes or unusual orders. Excellent intellects and attitudes.

JC - Mountain View, CA

Santa Rosa Vegetarian Restaurant